Website Growth Hacking

I am really skeptical every time when I read someone’s success stories in making money online.

They make it like it is extremely easy to setup everything and growth the traffic. Then all you have to do… is wait and repeat. Suddenly, all traffic will be driven to your shop and you can be rich!

Just do X and Y and you will get your leads! 

It is as easy as putting up an advertisement with Google!

If you have really done it, you realized that it is not so easy. There are so many factors to consider and you are competing with people who have been around for a while. It is said easier than done.

Of course, these trainers and their success stories are still good. You must always remember that it is difficult to replicate people’s success. What you seek from these people should be their thought processes and quick tips that make mundane tasks faster and easier.

Other than giving some of my 2 cents in e-commerce platforms, I think it will be very interesting if I keep a log of my journey to develop my three ongoing projects.

The projects are entirely different in nature. They have different learning points and needed different effort to maintain. I like how I have to think of different strategies to make things really work.

Project W
Project W is the first project that I started two years ago. I was young and wanted to learn something new. Back then, I only wanted to have a platform to write and have never thought of the strategies to generate traffic for sales.

The website has generated some traffic that I have never expected. I have placed Adsense and some affiliate links in the past few months. The result is unexpectedly good. I will be putting more effort to revamp the website and push it to the limit.

Project B
Project B is an online e-commerce store that my partner (let’s named this person Y) and I planned to grow from scratch. We are talking about sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging into our own brand here. Despite the fact that we are growing our own brand, we do not have a strong unique selling point (USP). Hence, the hardest part of this project is to be unique among all other competitors.

We have already done product sourcing and manufacturing. Now, we are in the midst of packaging the products into our own brand. I think I have mentioned a few times in my blog posts that branding is important.

Project G
Project G is a space for me to share my thoughts in a different niche. Even though it’s mainly written thoughts, it is attracting some traffics.

At the end of the day, I will be growing Project G such that I can convert leads into some digital sales. I will discuss more in the individual pages.


Hopefully, my writings can again help people who are increasing their sales!