5 Things You Want To Know About Shopee

Are you looking for an easier e-commerce platform? Is Qoo10 too difficult to use?

Shopee is the easiest platform I have ever used to sell online. They have a very intuitive interface such that any newbies can get on hand easily.

As a new seller, you will want to explore different channels that you can sell your items.

Personally, I feel that Shopee is one of the starters (you know, like Pokemon) that you can try.

I also like how the platform is so easy to use for a beginner like me.

Here’s what you need to know about Shopee.

1. How To Register As A Shopee Seller

The concept for Shopee simple: you can be both a buyer and seller.

And they make it so easy for you to register as a seller.

Once you have created an account on the platform, head to Shopee’s Seller Centre to start selling your goods.

Shopee - Register As A Seller
Shopee – Register As A Seller

You can also access the Seller Centre from your mobile app (Apple,Android), which is really convenient for people who are always on the go.

Fill up your shop profile under Shop Settings and you will be good to go!

When I started in Shopee, it was still very young (few months old?). I do not have to wait for any form of verification to start selling. I hope it is still the same now.

Another key thing that you must know… you do not have to pay any registration fee. Since it is free, it is much better to start selling compare to Qoo10.

2. How To List A Product

Shopee is so simple that I do not need to dedicate a post just to discuss how you can list your product strategically. Then again, it is up to your imagination how you can do it like a pro so that you can attract your targeted audience.

Shopee - List a Product
Shopee – List a Product

Then, you upload some photos and fill up the information based on the given form. If you have variations for your product (e.g. by size, by color), you can give them any individual pricing.

You don’t have to conform to a rule like only between -50% and 100% of your original product price (yes, talking about you Qoo10)

Shopee - Fill up Product Info
Shopee – Fill up Product Info

Once you have confirmed the details, you can list the product.

Your product will be reviewed. Usually, I received a confirmation within hours but I have never tried on a weekend before so you might want to do it on a weekday!

There you go. It’s so simple that I have nothing much to add on.

3. How To Promote A Product

When you click on your product in Seller Centre, you can click “Boost” to push your product up the search results.

In Shopee, you can tag your products with searchable keywords. When you boost your product, you push the products up based on these keywords.

Shopee - Boost product to push to the top!
Shopee – Boost product to push to the top!

You can boost 5 products every 6 hours.

If you are hardworking, I suggest you do it every 6 hours. It really helps to let people find your product amidst of the rest.

4. Best Time To Promote A Product

I would suggest choosing the right timing to boost your products. Honestly, there’s no point to push a product at 1 A.M when most people are in bed.

The next time you push will be 7 A.M where most people are preparing for their work in the morning.

Normally, I will attempt to boost my products between 8.30 A.M – 10.00 A.M.

Other than timing, you may also need to consider the fact that this is on a first come first serve basis.

Once someone boosts his product, it will overwrite your rank in the search result. This is the vast difference between Shopee and Qoo10.

If you have read my post on Qoo10, I mentioned that category is not so important because potential buyers don’t really search a product via the category pages.

This is not the case for Shopee. Both category and keywords play a very important part in Shopee.

If you place your items in an overcrowded category and tagged with popular keywords, you will be competing with more people for that space in search results.

After all, you are not paying to buy a space in the search results.

So if your items are in the less popular space, you can ensure that your products are usually on the first page when you boost at the right timing.

5. Vacation Mode

One thing I really love about Shopee is the ability to use “Vacation Mode“.

Honestly, it is very frustrating as I didn’t have any good means to tell my sellers that I’m away on vacation on Qoo10 or Carousell.

Hence, you will still need to respond to your customers (so not to be rude). What’s worst… it will affect your quality of delivery and service if you did not fulfill an order fast in time for Qoo10.

When you turn on vacation mode, your items will be taken off from the listing temporary. It will return once you turn off the vacation mode.

This button can really save my ass from all the sudden orders!


I still remember Shopee has so little audience when I first entered the platform. Today, it has grown so much. It may not be getting as much traffic as Qoo10 but I feel that it is enough for beginners to start selling online.

It is also the best place to start learning some marketing and business techniques.

You get to learn to develop a strategy such that you boost your products at the right time. You also get to learn to price your items correctly.

When you are more ready in e-commerce, then you can shift to a more complex platform like Qoo10. You can even start a website on your own.

I’m really excited to see how much more Shopee can offer!

9 Replies to “5 Things You Want To Know About Shopee”

  1. Hi. I am a new shopee seller. I was wondering, and I have searched for answers online, do the sellers pay commission to shopee? Also, do you know how to put discounts on your products?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Cecily,

      You will be glad to know that there is no commission for Shopee! Unfortunately, there is no way you can put discounts on your products now.

      Hope it helps!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      First of all, I’m flattered! Thanks for asking!

      I’m in the midst of preparing some free materials to teach people about Qoo10. Perhaps you can let me know what you want to know about qoo10 listing?



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