How To Use Qxpress For Your Next Deal

Do you find yourself stuck with an inefficient delivery company? Like, you want to provide the best service for your customers but you are unable to?

That’s how I always feel when I strike a deal with my customer. Lately, I have to send a big parcel within two working days.

I tried to contact third-party delivery service on Carousell. None of them were free to entertain my business. I was desperate and almost making a loss by taking a taxi to deliver the parcel personally.

Then, I recalled that Qoo10 has started to offer their delivery service, Qdelivery/Qxpress, to consumers too!

Based on experience, Qxpress has been very efficient. You know too right? You order something on Monday and you can receive the parcel as early as Tuesday! That’s exactly the kind of service I would like to offer to my customers.

So I went on to try Qxpress for this particular deal. It is really easy to set-up the delivery arrangement. The entire process is so smooth that you will really like it!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use Qxpress.

1. Purchase A Qxpress Voucher

As a consumer, you can purchase a Qxpress voucher on their Qoo10 page.

The price of the delivery depends on the weight of the parcel. Here’s a quick glance at the pricing:

0kg - 5kgS$ 4
5kg - 10kgS$ 6.50
10kg - 15kgS$ 8.50
15kg - 20kgS$ 11
20kg - 25kgS$ 14
25kg - 30kgS$ 18

The heavier your parcel is, the more expensive the delivery fee is. If you compare the value of each kg, it is cheaper if you deliver a heavier parcel (S$ 0.60/kg for 25kg-30kg and S$ 0.80/kg for 0kg – 5kg).

My personal take is always to look for the one with a balance in value and service. Paying a little more for a better service will benefit you in the long-run.

2. Arrange Delivery

Once you have purchased a delivery voucher, you can proceed to arrange for delivery on this page.

Qxpress - Select Delivery
Qxpress – Select Delivery

There are some clauses to note about Qxpress. For example, there is no delivery to Changi Airport. There is also compensation cap in case the delivery company damaged or lost the parcel. Do make sure that your parcel does not violate any these clauses.

In the same page, you will need to select the date & time for the delivery man to collect the parcel from you.

Qxpress - Delivery Note
Qxpress – Delivery Note

The only thing you can select… is really the date to collect your parcel. The delivery time will be standard – between 10.00 and 19.00. You will not be able to select a specific unless you paid for another delivery service.

Once you are done filling up the form, you will be asked to pay by the voucher you have purchased in Step 1.

3. Prepare For Pickup

As Qxpress does not offer any packing service, you will need to pack your items nicely. I have tried to pack using a box, as well as a poly mailer. Both methods are acceptable.

If your packing is not done properly, the delivery man reserves his right to reject your parcel.

Once you arranged the delivery, you will also be given a delivery label. Even though the website stated that you can write the delivery number on the parcel if you are unable to print, I suggest that you print and paste the label.

My parcel was rejected once as I did not paste the label on my parcel. This seems like it is dependable on the delivery man, who will then decide whether a label is important on the parcel.

Qdelivery - Pickup
Qdelivery – Pickup

Once your parcel is picked up by the delivery man, you can pass the delivery tracking number to your customer for tracking.

When your parcel is rejected, you will need to reschedule for a pickup again.

4. Reschedule Pickup

If your parcel is rejected, you will need to reschedule the pick-up.

This is the part that is most frustrating in the entire process. There is no way you can reschedule the pickup through the website.

You can call the customer service to re-arrange the delivery. If the CSO and delivery man is happy enough to assist, you should be able to settle it quickly on the phone.

Another method is to cancel your current delivery schedule and request a refund. Then, you will need to schedule again. According to the CSO, it takes a few days to process the refund. Hence, you can purchase a new voucher or wait for a few days.

My advice is to ensure the parcel is picked up on the day you first scheduled. It is too much a hassle to wait and reschedule again.

5. Qxpress for Qoo10 Seller

If you are selling on Qoo10, you can send an email to Qoo10 to [email protected] (details: Seller’s ID, Mobile Number, and Pickup Address) so that you can offer Qxpress in your shop.

You may add Qxpress in your shipping rate but it will not be official until you email Qoo10. Meaning, you won’t be able to use QSM to ship the items with Qxpress.


Qxpress is a very convenient way to send your items to the customers. I find it really efficient to use as long as the pickup is done successfully for the first round. Otherwise, you will need to ding-dong for a few times before you can reschedule and deliver the parcel to your recipient.

You purchase a voucher, arrange a delivery and the delivery man will pick up from your address. From what I see, the parcel will deliver to the recipient in one business day.

What other delivery methods you are using for your shop?

4 Replies to “How To Use Qxpress For Your Next Deal”

    1. Hi there!

      From what I know, you don’t have to be a registered company.

      I have been using the consumer method (buy the vouchers and arrange delivery) to deliver the goods. In this case, you are a consumer of their service. You do not need to buy under a registered company.

      Hope this helps!

    1. No problem Kews 🙂

      The customer has to re-arrange the delivery themselves if they are not home to receive the parcel. As long as you manage to pass your parcel to the delivery company, it will be customer’s responsibility to make sure they are available to receive the parcel.

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