How To List Items On Qoo10 Like A Pro

Now, you have decided to register as a Qoo10 seller. It is time to put up your items on sales, right?

If you have used Carousell and Shopee, you are already familiar with the concept “snap-and-list”. This is not the case for Qoo10.

Qoo10 requires more inputs to list your products on the platform. It also requires some strategic thinking to make sure your products can be perceived well by the audience.

And this can be really exhausting, especially if you have 100 over items to put on the platform. I can take up more than half a day to list 5 items.

Listing is easy but putting them strategically for the buyers is really difficult. I know, and I understand the pain.

Here are some tips that can help you list your items like a pro on Qoo10.

Do Use Your Own Photos/Videos On Your Listing

It is an open secret that everyone is reselling something from elsewhere.

If you are selling an original product, kudos to you. You must already have prepared your own photos and videos to showcase your product.

Now, it might be very tempting to take the same videos/photos from your supplier and used it on your listing. Remember, everyone can do the same and if you do something different, you will win the race.

Instead of taking resources from the suppliers, you can use the product and take a simple video or a few photos to promote the items.

Think of how you will buy a product: will you buy a product from someone who has never used before or will you purchase from someone who shares their experience on using the product?

I’m quite sure latter does more impact than before.

Now, put up your own photos and reviews of the things you sell!

Do Put The Items In The Right Category

There are many categories in Qoo10. In fact, I find it too extensive that it is unnecessary.

Think of the entire process from a buyer’s perspective: when you are searching for an item, do you really go to each category to look for the item? Or do you use a keyword search? If you use a keyword search, how does category affects the result?

However, I still find that it is really important to put your items in the right category. There must be a strategy to know what items to put in which category.

Qoo10 - Putting items in the right category means a lot
Qoo10 – Putting items in the right category means a lot

The importance of a category does not lie on how a buyer search for a product. Instead, it affects how you can choose your marketing tools in Qoo10.

If you choose to pay to promote a certain product based on category, you will need to take note that you can potentially pay more than it is needed in a category that is more popular than another.

For example, you might only need to pay $10 to promote your air fryer in “Home & Appliances” but you need to pay $20 to promote in “Digital & Mobile”.

Do Decide The Right Price For Your Item

What’s so hard about deciding the price, right? Just take the total cost and multiply by a magic number, and the remaining will be your profit.

I feel that it is not the case in Qoo10.

Firstly, you must remember that discounts do not affect your service fee. In fact, it might potentially cost more. Hence, if you want to give a discount to your customers, you must remember to factor into the potential cost.

Honestly, if you have intend to sell your item at $x, then sell it at $x instead of $x+$10 and give a discount of $10. As long as it is $x, it will look as good as $x+$10 with a discount.

Secondly, Qoo10 is weird when it comes to option price. In Qoo10, you are given the flexibility in creating options (e.g. color, size, number of items, free gifts).

Qoo10 - Flexibility in creating options for your items
Qoo10 – Flexibility in creating options for your items

For some reasons, you will not be able to set a pricing -50% and 100% more than the item price. For example: if you sell your pencil at S$5, your bundle of 2 pencils can only cost between S$ 2.50 – S$ 10.

Therefore, you need to plan well if you are going to offer bundle price for your customers.

Do Not List Your Item On Weekend

There are a few occasions where I make use of my weekends to put up new items, and I regret it truly.


In contrary to other platforms, Qoo10 requires verification before your items are listed publicly.

If you recall, you will need to wait until the next business day to activate your seller account. Similarly, you are required to wait for another business day so that your items will show publicly.

Remember, you are not the only seller on Qoo10. There are many people who are selling on a part-time basis. You must agree with me that weekends are the best time to deal with all these administrative work.

This makes Monday congested. Just imagine how many items the team has to vet on Monday after everyone has posted on the weekends.

There was once my listing got approve only on Tuesday. Losing a day to list means potentially losing a group of customers.


These are some of the things I will do when I list my items on Qoo10. Honestly, it is not so much about how to list but more on the strategy you need to keep in mind when you list on the platform.

If you have other nice tips to share, why not let us know in the comments?

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